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We produce your metal construction parts quickly and carefully.

Custom made assembly is also among of the offered services. Welding, frames and steel construction are closely linked. The frames are manufactured in the Czech Republic from profiles, pipes or tubes. For making of the frames, we use various techniques such as laser cutting, setting and welding (MIG, TIG, spot welding).

Complex assembly is no problem for us to ensure, either. With our own engineering department, we are equipped to assist you with advice if needed.

Practical examples

More possibilities

Quality control of metal parts

For BOHEMIA metal parts and our customers, quality is an essential part of our work. We perform technical controls of the by us delivered metal products and take care of the interests of our customers.

Production in the east of Europe

We also can cooperate with external quality experts to make sure that you get the right products in the right amount and from the right material. Our goal is an optimal assembling of the metal products at your site.