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TPCZ s.r.o. is a company specializing in supply of custom made (mass) production of steelware made in the Czech Republic.

The company resides at the foothill of the Giant Mountains at the northeast of Bohemia, near the Polish border. The management of TPCZ s.r.o. is Dutch.

BOHEMIA METAL PARTS provides complete services as to your demand from start to finish. Our own industry experts will help you get metal parts produced in the Czech Republic for reasonable pricing.BOHEMIA METAL PARTS will take care of  the whole process of production and supply. We will do the negotiations with subsuppliers and manage the whole process until the your final products are safely delivered. We  can also guarantee precise control of quality of the provided steel products. By taking care of your complete project, we ensude a smooth course of production and supply of your demand, which also helps us to significantly cut the costs down for you.

Contact us today and you will find out that metal products made in the Czech Republic under our supervision will satistactorily meet all your demands.  


Tuesday, 8th January 2019 10:08

Last year the first delivery was sent to a German customer.

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1 eur = 25,665 czk

last update: 24th February 2019