metal products made in Czech republic

Czech steel industry and metal manufacturing production do have a long history and great reputation. BOHEMIA metal parts is a tradename of TPCZ s.r.o., and was established to become a reliable provider of these metal products as well as all additional services to our foreign customers, who wish to get good european quality for reasonable prices. Cooperating with verified subcontracters and the metal industry, guarantees high quality standards ensured by ISO certification and quality production facilities (primarily with use of German technology for sheet processing and bending of sheet metal parts or turning and milling precision machines). Among the services offered, we also make sure that your metal parts will get accurate post production treatment: brushing and painting, welding together or otherwise.

Metal parts made in the Czech Republic

Metal parts made in the Czech Republic are a great alternative for both smaller and bigger orders. The prices are reasonable and you can be sure of a speedy delivery. Moreover, compared to the Asian suppliers, the same time zone and cultural closeness is also a big positive that facilitates mutual communication as well as formal matters. Czech Republic is an EU member state, which makes the whole administration regarding customs and transport documentation much easier. Among the service which BOHEMIA metal parts offers is also finding and providing a suitable carrier.

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We have already answered demands for many content customers primarily from the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Danmark and even the USA. Metalware produced in the Czech Republic is quickly gaining very good credits among our customers. Contact us today; we will make sure your time and money is well spent. All you need to do is to create a demand. We will take care of the rest!

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